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Take the liberty of living!

Easy to handle: From changing the bed sheets to the desired comfortable lying position – everything takes you only seconds. Use your time for more refreshing things.

Absolutely no need of care and cleaning: exhausting turning of the mattress or refilling conditioner and water is no longer necessary. But also moving to another home, renovation or installation in older buildings (wooden joist floor) is unproblematic.

Without any hidden additional costs: such as a special slatted bed frame, heating costs or cleaning products (you can save more than €1,000 during the usual time of use of approximately 10 to 15 years)

No longer a wrong degree of hardness:
Unlike it is the case with a usual mattress or a waterbed, you do not have to decide for a degree of hardness of the mattress or the stabilization of the waterbed. You have always the possibility of adapting the quality of your lying position in the oil vital bed to your needs. Whether hard or soft – you can decide within seconds in accordance with your needs.

Further advantages

·    reliable
·    economical
·    made in Germany
·    clinically tested
·    no expenditure of energy
·    ideal for your back
·    degree of hardness smoothly adjustable
·    supports optimum regeneration
·    light and suitable for all bedsteads
·    suitable for people suffering from an allergy or asthma
·    easy to adapt to every need
·    supports maintenance and re-establishment of your health
·    makes movement easier with ideal adaptation and relief of load on your body


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